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Friends In Low Places
Release December 2023


  1. 01 - Children Of The Evolution 2:09 02 - A Run For Your Money 3:55 03 - Friends In Low Places 2:30 04 - Get Right With Your Maker 4:36 05 - Down On Your Luck 4:39 06 - Tell It Like It Is 3:28 07 - I'm Sorry Blues 3:53 08  - Tear It Down 3:54 09 - One Of These Days 4:22 10 - Dead End Blues 3:39

Get Right With Your Maker

Release: March 23 2018


    1. I Am The Storm
    2. It's Been A Long Time Coming
    3. Sold Me Down the River
    4. A Dog With A Bone
    5. Said the Spider to the Bird
    6. Move Through the Fire
    7. The Serpent
    8. Horizon Henwood
    9. Fly Like An Evil Henwood
    10. Back On My Feet Again
    11. Get Right With Your Maker

Valles Marineris

Release: July 14 2016 (EU/UK) & July 29 2016 (Aus/R.O.W)


  1. Let The Blood Run Free
  2. Beyond The Valley
  3. Black Cloud
  4. The Bridge Of The Gods
  5. We Are The Vampires
  6. Empire Of The Sun
  7. Sick As A Dog
  8. River Of Fire
  9. Throw Me To The Wolves
  10. Into The Black

White Bird/Burn The Sky

Release: 12th June 2015 (EU/UK) & 19th June 2015 (AUS/R.O.W.)


  1. Take Your Medicine
  2. No Chance In Hell
  3. Another Thing Coming
  4. Burn My Bridges
  5. White Bird (Bring Your Armies Against Me)
  6. Ain't Got Nobody To Blame But Myself
  7. Leave Me Behind
  8. Devil's Daughter
  9. Get Back Up (Burn The Sky)
  10. If It Ain't Broke


Palace Of The King [Ltd. Ed. LP]

Release: 11th April 2014


  1. Free
  2. Black Heart
  3. Deal With The Devil
  4. The Low Road
  5. Bring It On
  6. The Bitter End
  7. Howlin'
EP2 Cover

Palace Of The King II: Moon & Mountain [EP]

Release: 22nd November 2013


  1. Black Heart
  2. Bring It On
  3. Deal With The Devil
  4. The Bitter End
  5. Howlin'
EP1 Cover

Palace Of The King [EP]

Release: 24th May 2013


  1. Free
  2. The Devil Made Me Do It
  3. I Swear On My Life
  4. The Low Road
  5. You Got The Poison




Formed in late 2012, Palace Of The King - nameless at that point - quickly recorded a 3 track demo and developed the vision of a blues-infused rock and roll band. Far from a grave-robbing retro trip, Palace Of The King has just as much in common with Rival Sons, Graveyard & JackWhite as they do Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath & Deep Purple. Remember when bands released an album a year and toured ’til the wheels fell off the tour van? 

Having spent their formative years storming stages in every corner of Australia - alongside bands as varied as Airbourne and The Tea Party - and priming themselves for an international assault, Palace Of The King took their finely-honed live show through Europe in October 2015. Armed with 2 EPs, a full-length vinyl LP and a second full length studio album; this is a band that has earned their stripes and wear them with pride. “Palace Of The King is literally like a huge ground shaking Palace of RIFFS, SOUL and Rock’n’Roll.” comments Joel O’Keeffe, lead singer and guitarist of Airbourne. “With more hooks and lines than a hard working Bering Sea fishing fleet they are guaranteed to tangle you up, reel you in and blow you away with their unique six- stringing, soul singing, sexy stomping Rock’n’Roll! They are the real fuckin’ deal ! Crank up POTK!” In 2015, it was time for the White Bird to take flight. From three minute funk-infused rockers through to seven minute Sabbath-esque crushers, Palace Of The King seized the opportunity to explore every intricate corner of their influences and craft a debut album that caught a band at a point where ‘scratching the surface’ wasn’t nearly enough. In 2016 the band unveiled Valles Marineris on 15th July 2016 (Europe/ UK) , Valles Marineris deepened Palace Of The King’s footprint on the international rock music scene by expanding on the “raw, energetic, imaginative and boundary-pushing” (Dedicated Rocker Society) qualities of their debut through an all- new 10 track collection of blues and psych-infused hard rock. Lead by the bruising gospel-tinged riffathon of ‘Let The Blood Run Free’, Valles Marineris is both eclectic and unrelenting right through to the final eerie piano fadeout of album closer ‘Into The Black’.
In support of the Valles Marineris album POTK toured constantly throughout 2016/17 covering Europe as headliners and as guest with Airbourne, hitting America for the second time and multiple laps of Auatralia as headline act and also as guests with The Angels, Baby Animals and the Screaming jets. In classic road dog style the band recorded at every opportunity when they were off the road and they have captured the raw energy of the stage on the new album Get Right With Your Maker. From the moment the epic album opener I Am The Storm envelopes you it’s hard not to think that this is the sound of a band that has come of age, and once the fist pumping anthem It’s Been A Long Time Coming hits you in the face you know it. The ‘freight train’ metaphor may be overused. But you’d be hard-pressed to find one that is better-suited to a band that has played constantly, released a mountain of music and expanded their markets at such a prolific rate. With extensive tour dates in Australia, USA and Europe, 2016/17 has been Palace Of The King’s most productive year to date. Palace Of The King are: Tim Henwood - vocals / guitar Sean Johnston - keys / guitar Cameron McGlinchey - drums Anthony Licciardi Garcia - bass

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